A womans job is never done

There are never too many hours in the day for me, I need 49 hours to get everything done.. A woman’s work is never complete so I have decided when I decide to pop my  clogs I am going to return to this world in 3 forms and they  will be as follows

(1) a man

(2) a woman

(3) a cat

Now here are my reasons.

I want to come back as a man because I would like to be waited on by a woman to feed me some lovely food and pamper my every needs.

I want to come back as a woman I don’t think I have finished playing with all the cocks in the world

I want to come back as a cat as I would like to know how it feels to be lazy and be stroked all day and be called things like you are a beautiful pussy and come here you lovely little puss.

So you see all three have their advantages and rolled into one would be great fun. What would you like to come back as? Let me know your thoughts please.

Come and see me just between now and Christmas and see what surprises I have in store for you.


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  1. I need you to come back as a woman, you haven’t finished playing with my cock yet!! Looking forward to see what your surprises are!!

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