Winter is on the way

You can tell winter is on the way. Have even put the heating on this morning as felt really cold.Will have to start wrapping up warm.

Now I have been having a think like all inquisitive and nosy women and would really like some help on this so if anyone can answer my question on this it would be a help bet none of you have thought of this but  I have. so here goes.

Next Month the united states of America are going to vote in a new president it maybe Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. If it is Hilary Clinton it means Hilary will be the first female  president and all the partners of the presidents of america have been called First Lady so my question is what will Bill Clinton be called. Any Ideas? Cant really call him First man can we? If  I have any fans reading my blog in the USA please do leave a comment.

Well at least you know what goes on in my little mind in my spare time now.

Finally Remember as of Today at 11 20 on the 20th October 2016 it is

65 days 12 hours 38 minutes and 55 seconds till christmas



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