what a change to the weather

wow what can I say, it has been glorious weather lots of time to top up your tan, maybe that is why we haven’t seen any politician coming to the door campaigning for our votes. So I don’t think I shall be voting if i don’t know what’s on offer why should I go along with the rest of the country and vote someone in and then moan about the state of the country.

Do politician really follow their manifestos or is it just their bit of bedtime reading,and what happens to their battle busses once the campaigns are over. Who actually drives their busses, who actually thinks up the policies and how do they do their maths and tally up the maths ,somehow the maths have to add up. at he end of all this the parties leaders of all parties have to look at the worse case scenario that that June 8th could be their last day in office. so in effect they have written themselves out of a job. how unfortunate is that. The weird part of all this is I must have all these questions that go through my head I really should get a life.

Though there are other things that go through my mind like what happens to your blood once they have tested it in the lab, what does a dentist do to your teeth when they have removed them.

I am around this bank holiday so if you are at a loose end please do ring and pop round

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