Well I have done it again booked a week in January to go away to Tenerife. Who knows I may decide spain is for me and I may make it my forever home though my heart does lie in France. I shall start my holiday in the Uk at a naturist centre a day before I fly away into the sunset and finish my holiday at the same resort on the way back. So if there are any of you who wish to join me before i go on my merry way please do contact me.

My special offers are still ongoing so why not take me up on the them especially on miserable days like today.I am still looking for photographers who have that special gift to make me look beautiful, and have fun with me in the process. I promise I don’t bite.

Only 93 days to go before Christmas I have done all my Christmas cards just need to get the presents ready, If anyone is wondering what I would like this year a fleet of CITROEN DS5’s outside my door would be really lovely to wake up to on Christmas morning. I would love you all to bits. But they must all be automatic transmission sorry guys I can only drive automatic cars. You can’t blame a girl for trying can you.

Have a lovely week whatever you are doing and stay safe. See you all soon





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