Summer is here

Wow what a nice few days we have had. With the weather being so warm never know what to wear. May start a campaign for a clothes free zone  that is a good idea.

Well lets say i have been busy and so sorry for neglecting all my fans out there, but  naughty girls sometimes do like to have a bit of rest. So what have I been up to I hear you ask.

Well I have busy as a beaver here is what I have been up to:

Painted my house in the nude so paint everywhere in all my intimate parts.

Tiled my hallway in ceramic tiles.

Laid the floor in 2 bathrooms.

Unusually for me, moved things around.

Had my boobs measured and found out I am a size 38c bust.

And finally have got a new bed.

I shall be around all over the Isle of Wight festival weekend so why not cum on over and  play with me  whilst the festival is going on. Play with me on my new bed and admire my new floor. Have my mind set on a new fitted kitchen but so many choices out there who do I choose? Any ideas would be greatly received.

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  1. Hi Anjali.

    Looking forward to a clothes free zone on my visit tomorrow, must also investigate where some of that paint got too!!!!!

    Just a question. Was that “I laid the floor in two bathrooms” or “I got laid on the floor in two bathrooms”? Can’t wait to find out.

    And I just love those boobs whatever size they are!!!

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