Scotland is in the news again. Scotland’s first minister would like to have a referendum for independence from the UK. UK want to leave Europe. Next topic maybe that Ireland will want to leave the UK or maybe not? maybe its a female thing. We all want to be independent and do our own thing. If Scotland split from the UK ,will we be called the UK or something else.

So the prime minister can now trigger article 50 to leave the E U, Is that such a good thing? Are we doing the right as we aren’t really protecting the right of EU residents living and working in the UK. does this mean any Brits living in Europe will lose any rights over there too. Will we get any better deals with import and export deals, this was never explained to voters only scare tactics were used for voter and foundations were laid out on that basis. Other countries may not be quick to trade with the U K.

I can see Scotland’s point in wanting to go their own  as it can open many doors to them but it could do a lot of harm for the UK, I shall be keeping up  with events and see where it goes and hope it all goes well for the Scottish.

Well that’s  enough of my rant for British politics.

On a lighter note I am visiting France on a dirty weekend in April so if you are around there  don’t forget to wave at me you never know I might even flash my tits at you if you are good.

Have a good week.

Remember if you have any suggestions or comments please do put them down always nice to hear from you



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