Picked up my new car from the Citroen dealership in Southampton today. so sorry if i dissapointed all those fans of mine who missed out on seeing me today as had very limited time with the red funnel running at full capacity and  I was lucky to get on the 1 pm ferry today despite booking in advance 1 pm today was the only ferry available to me.

It has been an end of an era for me an big cars and i shall miss my beloved c5 with all that luxury and being spoilt for choice and the car had been a good companion to me and was sad to part company it was an amicable separation and i shall miss it very much. I wish the new owners well and am sure they will be very happy with their choice of car

I am now driving around in my beloved bumble bee if you see a bright yellow car buzzing round the island don’t forget to give me a wave. Have been to wait rose to show the car the best place to shop and will be showing the sites and all other supermarkets so that the car is familiar with my shopping habits. Though Tesco  and Sainsburys are in the running but  not  so sure about the rest of the supermarkets.

Finally i am around all over the weekend for the bestial and i am offering a special offer book an hour in call only and get second hour for half price so 2 hours will cost you £150. i will chuck in a free shower and will even wash your bits  for you.

Have a lovely weekend and hope to see you all soon


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