Just a quickie and Easter egg cunt

Afternoon all.

Sun is shining through after all the fog last night. Roll on summer.

Well i have been out shopping to Portsmouth on Monday and decided to get some clothes for once I decided to go colourful rather than black. If brighter colours suits I might hang up and retire my black clothing. I even managed to buy some mini eggs for my upcoming east egg cunt. (More details below)

For those who are adventurous or simply want to try something out of the ordinary why not come and play Easter egg cunt see how many you can pull out of me. Even if we don’t ¬†get too many we can have a good go and a good laugh

Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling. Feel free to add any comments or suggestion all ideas and suggestions are greatly received.

New basque

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  1. Hi Anjali,

    Just love Easter Eggs!! Would love to find some on my next visit.

    Lots of love, Your Favorite ****XXXX

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