Its that time again. Loads of people coming onto the island for the annual Isle of Wight pop festival. Lets hope the weather is good and everyone enjoys themselves. I myself am not really a music fan as it is just head banging music for me.Hopefully this year everything will run smoothly.

I shall be doing my patriotic duty as usual by offering my services to all mankind so if you would like a break from all that head banging noise why not ring me and book a slot at Anjali Towers, will have the kettle on the boil and may even stretch to a cake or biscuit if you are lucky. If you are very  very lucky bacon sandwiches may be on the menu.

Book an hour on the festival weekend and get half hour free. 

Don’t forget to vote on 8th June if you want your vote to count. please leave a comment on who you think should win and why you think they should win as I would  like to know what others think. I still think the country should be run by women but that is just my view.

On a Slimmer note

I have been going to slimming world for 6 weeks now and have lost half a stone so hopefully by the end of the summer i should be a slimmer me will keep you updated with the new me. I can still eat my favourite foods and still lose weight, how good is that.

All those who are going to the festival have a lovely weekend and the same to those who are not going. The weather doesn’t look too promising this weekend sorry guys. I am staying at home waiting for the phone to ring. See you all soon

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