Hi everyone,

Did you all miss me? I am returning back home to the Isle of wight tomorrow, I shall be back on the Island late evening and am so glad to be coming home back to some normality.

I had a nice time in Birmingham, but though I was born in Birmingham and I should feel it is my home, it don’t feel like home to me at all. I have been on the Island for 13 years and have made it my home and it feels like I have been here longer.

I would finally like to thank those who had booked to see me and yet they didn’t show, So thank you for wasting my time when I could offered those slots to others rather than disappoint them. It is a good job I have decided not to publish your mobile phone number, it doesn’t take a few seconds to ring to say you can’t make it.

Finally I shall be back working from Tuesday onwards may even get a cheeky booking in tomorrow night.

Have a lovely week and see you all soon

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  1. So gutted could not get to Birmingham, work was moved to Stockport all that week. Hope you had a great time.
    Hope, you make it to the Midlands again and hope you do a little tour of it.

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