I have finally decided to return home, had a wonderful weekend in Angouleume in France. The weather was really warm and beautiful, couldn’t have picked a better weekend. The hotel was out of this world and being where I was it was all traditional french. I even travelled to the hotel in style, as the hotel supplied a taxi which naturally I had to pay for and to my surprise it wasn’t a Citroen, Peugeot or even a Renault which being in France you would expect them to send one of their own make of cars. Instead I travelled 120 km to the hotel from the Limoges airport in a Mercedes Benz Avantgrade. Talk about comfort or what. Though the driver didn’t speak much English he made quite a bit of an effort.

So I am glad I chose Hotel Mercure as my weekend retreat and the staff were really great as well. Will be returning to France again soon to recharge my batteries but for now I am back looking forward to getting on and doing some work.

Hopefully France will have made up their mind who will be their next president , my money is on the nice gentleman Emmanuel Macron as I don’t like the look of that woman Marine Le Pen. She is blonde to start with though can’t really hold that against her.

My special offer is still ongoing until Sunday 30th April. So if at a loose end give me a ring.

Have a nice week and roll on summer.

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