Hi everyone, I have arrived back on the Island today and it feels great to be back home again. I have missed you all. I would like to say a massive thank you to all you gents who visited me whilst I was on my holiday. It was good fun. The food was OK, could have been better.  Walking around with no clothes on was so much fun and even having my dinner in the nude was an interesting experience. I was spoilt for choice as to which Jacuzzi to go in and the steam room was very very steamy especially when I went in there. the sauna was that hot that i only managed 15 minutes a time  twice a day. The salt was handy to rub into my nooks and cranny’s and then to go into the steam room to sweat out so that i could have lovely skin.

Though I did travel down in comfort as my car is still not fixed , hopefully will be on the mend soon.  Will have to start cracking the whip with the insurance company as not a very happy bunny at the moment. Not the best insurance company to go with must remember not to renew with them again.

I shall be around all weekend and the rest of the week so if you are at a loose end and need warming up give me a call you know where I am.



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