Well I have now been back in the UK for just over 2 weeks and its still cold. I am still putting on the heating just to keep me warm. Still thinking about where to go on my next holiday but cant make my mind up. Fancied going to Russia but the cold spell certainly puts me off. Though Russia is a beautiful country, don’t think I shall be allowed in the land of the trumpet also known as the United States of America.Seeing as my ancestors were from the middle east. With the travel ban don’t think anyone will be allowed in.

Anyway whilst I was on holiday i did notice a note in the lift and the hotel lobby saying please do not feed the pussy’s. What is this I thought to myself, My pussy needs feeding regularly. Then I realised which form of pussy they meant.

For all those of you who have paid the taxman hope you have not left yourselves skint. You deserve some pampering why not come along and get some tax relief therapy. I am doing a special offer of book an hour and get second hour for half price to unwind and treat yourselves as you deserve it.

Well with valentines day looming in the background I shall be in my finest greeting you all at the door in something bright, hopefully we should have a nice summer this year.

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