Hmmm so Greggs are now in trouble and they have had to apologise. Personally I wouldn’t have. To be honest with you there are too many people out there who think that at times like Christmas and Easter they have a right to complain. So what if a business like Greggs put in a sausage roll to promote a pastry for Christmas instead of promoting Jesus Christ. Any other time of the year it would have been OK.

Now this puts a new angle on things everyone has complained to say that Jesus was Jewish and Jesus would not have eaten pork as that is the main ingredient of the sausage roll. Do you get my drift? Does this mean all non Jewish people will not be celebrating Christmas.

Come on non Jewish people surely you cant be hypocritical and celebrate Christmas and did anyone actually ask Jesus what his religion was.

Please do post a comment and let me know your thoughts

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  1. Greggs are a disgrace and bringing ridicule on religion…..reality, I think as a Christian it was a daft advert and no more.
    TBH, I should not be on here, which proves I am a naughty christian :). I was also told,let him who is without sin cast the first stone, and also be forgiving.
    I believe if there is a god, he will have a sense of humour.
    When we have real issues like poverty and racism………that is what we should worry about.
    If people are unhappy……….do not buy it…easy enough…………….Here endeth the Sermon.

    1. I dont follow any religion it is the root of all evil. Is there really a god if there is then I have a few questions to ask him.Though sausage rolls do look nicer than babies and when jesus was born sausage rolls werent around then.What did the jews have for dinner especially at christmas time.

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