So its all over for another 5 years, Theresa May has become prime minister for the next 5 years and now has the task of forming a new government, I am ever so glad that the conservatives did win even though it is a hung parliament. I stayed up to watch the results and at one point when Jeremy Corbyn was leading I was seriously considering emigrating.

Don’t know why the other party leaders are whingeing, Jeremy Corbyn thinks he can do a better job, Tim Farron is sqwaking as usual, and Paul Nuttal has done the decent thing and resigned, who wants the top job anyway, I wouldn’t. Though I do admire Mrs May she took a gamble and though it has backfired and didn’t give her the majority she wanted she has held her head up high and has plodded on. If the DUP do join forces with the conservatives it will mean 2 women will be making the decisions, how good is that. I think Jeremy Corbyn should resign but that is my personal view.

If labour had won where would the money have come from to pay for the free university education and everything else they were pledging, how much debt would the country be in, would we want to go back into that sort of descent. Then again if labour did come into power and got their massive calculator out and found they couldn’t afford to pay for free university education and free nursery places, would they have backtracked? and this would cause a student riot and face the wrath of the students. In my view all politicians lie to get your votes and then either don’t do what they say they are going to or just back track with some silly excuse. Remember the lib dems and Nick Clegg with his promise of no increase of university fees.

Lets hope that everything settles down and all the politicians stop throwing their toys out of their prams, for god’s sake how old are ¬†they all.

On a much brighter note the weather has improved and it is nice for everyone at the festival though I wasn’t very happy about being stuck in traffic going into Newport yesterday. took me over 45 minute to get there for a journey that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes.

I am around all weekend. Have a lovely weekend don’t work too HARD


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