A  very big congrats to Portugal for winning the Euro vision song contest , though we did do quite well, coming in half way , but I think that is only because we are leaving Europe. I knew we had no chance in winning, so didn’t really stay up till the end.

At least the weather has been nice for the walkers for walk the wight today,well done to everyone who took part I was going to do it again this year but totally forgot to registered I did it a few years ago and it was so therapeutic

So now its out with the old and in with the new . France swore in their youngest president since Napoleon. I believe he will do a good job. I guess he will have a good fan club behind him as well as he is not too bad looking if can comment on his looks. Must send him my congratulations. Mind you I do love the french accent followed by the Irish accent.

Well on the subject of losing I still haven’t lost my brummie accent I was hoping I would have lost it by now but I suppose it will never go away.

I am now on a health kick and have decided I need to lose a bit of weight and try and look my best, so I joined slimming world 4 weeks ago. I shall be keeping you all updated on my progress on how I am doing at the moment I am losing slowly which is a good thing. I shall have a perfect figure.

I have a special offer on again buy one get one free so book an hour free. this is on until 31st may.

I shall be around all over the bank holiday so if you are at a loose end please do give me a call and pop round.



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