wow what a week

The easter egg cunt has proved rather popular. Still got plenty of easter eggs to go through. I shall be putting up a picture later on this week. I shall be around all over the easter week so if you are at a loose end give me a callClocks go forward this weekend so that will give me the extra hour to get extra naughty why not fill the gap and have some fun. Have a lovely week and see you soon

How many eggs are there?
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02 phone problem and maintenance on my number

Good morning

After what seems like hitting my head on a brick wall for the last year and 2 handset changes and 2 sim card changes and complaining to o2 for over a 100 times. O2 have decided that there is a problem so they are refreshing my number which means disconnecting me from the network and then with some  maintenance the will reconnect me in about 4 hours.

If you would like to spend time with me today am afraid it would have  to be contact via my email  indian model boobs

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Just a quickie and Easter egg cunt

Afternoon all.

Sun is shining through after all the fog last night. Roll on summer.

Well i have been out shopping to Portsmouth on Monday and decided to get some clothes for once I decided to go colourful rather than black. If brighter colours suits I might hang up and retire my black clothing. I even managed to buy some mini eggs for my upcoming east egg cunt. (More details below)

For those who are adventurous or simply want to try something out of the ordinary why not come and play Easter egg cunt see how many you can pull out of me. Even if we don’t  get too many we can have a good go and a good laugh

Have a lovely weekend and keep smiling. Feel free to add any comments or suggestion all ideas and suggestions are greatly received.

New basque

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busy as a beaver

Well what can I say. Been busy a  beaver. It has really nice seeing old and new again. Days are getting longer now and the weather will hopefully pick up soon. Have done some travelling to the Southampton and decided that enough is enough would like to change my appearance a bit. So after about half an hour of walking past the hairdressers in Southampton I decided the hair will have to go.

I am now sporting a shorter haircut and easy to manage and the plus point is I haven’t scared anyone away yet.It is always refreshing to have a change once in a while otherwise it is same old thing each day.

Looking forward to  Easter. i would like to put a bit of a fun twist for all those who wish to visit. bunny ears will be on the ready and I may even hide a few Easter eggs in places you couldn’t imagine so roll on Easter egg hunt .

Watch this space.

Hope you have a nice week and see you all  soon hopefully


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special offers

Thank you to all those who have visited the site and I have had some good feedback from so many. As a special launch of my site I  am offering buy one and get one free on all bookings over half hour. If there are any special requests that you have please do post on here, and I will do my best to fulfil your wishes. Just so that I  know where you have found me please mention it when ringing and I can keep track of where my enquiries are coming from. To take advantage of this offer please quote anj 47.

This offer is for one month only.

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A very big warm welcome and thank you for stopping by. Why not take  a look at my escort services and all the treats I have on offer. There is something to suit all budgets. Whether you are pushed for time or just need a quickie, I am here with whatever you have in mind. Stay as little or as long as you wish. With the cold weather setting in come on over and will do my very best to warm you up. Any suggestions are always welcome as well as any comments that you may have. Go ahead and treat yourself as everyone needs pampering some point. Look forward to meeting you.


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