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Good morning everyone. Doesn’t look very bright today don’t really expect sunshine but a dry day wont go amiss. I have decided that even though I had put on my adult work profile text messages will be ignored to take that down as so many still text. Surely everyone must realise texting is not discrete all you need is the other half to be doing something around the house, hears a beep or even nothing sees your phone lying around picks it up, being curious as a cat thinks ah lets see what has my beloved been up to and up pops a message or two from your favourite lady of pleasure. How much damage could that do to your home life family and everything else, let alone what it would do to the poor lady who you have sent messages to especially if she has sent you her address. I personally do not send any address details via text messages, I can give out information but it is always quicker to speak and if you are questioned as to whose number it is you can always invent something.

I do however find it annoying when I get a phone call then the person hangs up when I answer and immediately sends a text message to say their phone speaker is playing up yet they can’t prove that it is playing up. Maybe next time I shall ring the number and see if the phone speaker defiantly is playing up.

Please do not ask for pictures to be sent to you as i have a big collection on adultwork and youkandy also I have sets on chaturbate which can can all view.

Right off to Birmingham tomorrow. see you all when i get back

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