busy as a beaver

Well what can I say. Been busy a  beaver. It has really nice seeing old and new again. Days are getting longer now and the weather will hopefully pick up soon. Have done some travelling to the Southampton and decided that enough is enough would like to change my appearance a bit. So after about half an hour of walking past the hairdressers in Southampton I decided the hair will have to go.

I am now sporting a shorter haircut and easy to manage and the plus point is I haven’t scared anyone away yet.It is always refreshing to have a change once in a while otherwise it is same old thing each day.

Looking forward to  Easter. i would like to put a bit of a fun twist for all those who wish to visit. bunny ears will be on the ready and I may even hide a few Easter eggs in places you couldn’t imagine so roll on Easter egg hunt .

Watch this space.

Hope you have a nice week and see you all  soon hopefully


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  1. Great to see your new website…it looks very professional indeed and some great images.
    Looking forward to seeing your new hairstyle as well very soon.
    Great to see you back.

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