bank holiday and scooter rally

Its nearly the end of summer and a load of scooters will land on the island for the annual bank holiday scooter rally. It is always nice to see all types, sizes and ages of scooters. Though i love the big bikes i also have a soft spot for scooters. Ah I hear you say we didn’t know Anjali liked bikes, well I am full of surprises.

All those of you who are visiting the rally and are at a loose end why not give me a call and pop down and chill out, i make a mean cup of tea, coffee ,cappuccino, and latte even have soft drinks,and fruit juices in. I shall be around all of the bank holiday weekend and you never know i may even chuck in a special offer or two.

Have a lovely week and don’t work hard, and if you are planning to see me you will need your energy to keep up with me. How is that for a challenge? Any takers?

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Summer is nearly gone

Time flies when you are having fun. It is now the middle of august and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet, Tut Tut. I must be either losing my touch or getting older, well I shall put it down to the latter. A lot has happened since I last wrote, been busy so have been neglecting all my fans, went to Southampton on Friday to see what I could spend on but unfortunately nothing caught my eyes but still ended up spending money. Dishwasher has decided to go on strike as keep getting error code on the led display so am having to wash up by hand amazing how much you miss the mod cons once they stop working.

I am hoping to visit Leicester/Birmingham in September and if any of my fans are out there please do give me a wave and I promise to wave back maybe we could have coffee or two.

In other news I am now using skyns condoms as these are non latex and those of you who don’t  like the thought of condoms   and want to feel closer to bareback these are the ones for you.

Have a lovely week and save some sun for me.

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Where has the summer gone

I had a lovely time at the beach. Was hoping to go down to the beach again but the sun has decided to go away. Apart from the disappointing weather I have been keeping busy, spending money and enjoying my self. I have decided that the condoms used are not as exciting as described and I have changed my branding to SKYNS.  The feeling with one of the skins is amazing and they do what they say on the tin. You have the best of both worlds wear a condom which is very thin and it feels as though you have gone bare. Best money I have spent in  ages.

Beach trip was really exciting and was able to be free of all things even managed to get my toes wet, must do that again sometime. Hopefully the sun should come back out and I can be on the beach topping up my evergreen tan.

I have decided to increase my working hours from 9 am till 11 pm if I am doing incalls and can come out up till midnight. I will however come out later but it would have to be to prior arrangement.

I have had a new carpet down as well as moved stuff around the house again and it is starting to look very nice. Fancied a changer in the colour of the carpet, tried painting the carpet but though better of it. Good excuse to change the carpet.

Grass is shooting up very very quick seems to have a growth spurt each time it rains, so have to cut it so I can keep  on to of it. Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated.

Busy week coming up for me will be bustling around sorting out things here and there and will always make time for those who wish to see me.You are always welcome to leave comments as it is always nice to see what comments my fan leave for me.

Recently i had an order for a couple of  keyrings with a picture of my juicy pussy on one side and a sexy message on the other side.Why not treat yourselves to one. Please do ask me for details.OUTDOOR NUDIE FUN 008



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Funny excuses for no show at a booking

Well i have been thinking what to put in my comments this week but i have decided to bring some humour into the proceeding so enjoy .

1)  Email to say my plans have changed as my friend and I were out today and we were chased by the police my                  friend was finally caught and charged so i have to work instead of him.

2)  Email  to say am afraid I will have to cancel our booking as did a bit too much playing last night wrist hurts and i          am sore so no good to you.

3)  Text  My 12 inch cock is too big so unfair on you to expect you to take it all in.

4)  Text sorry to have to let you down but did my shoulder in am in casualty  not looking too good have to be in                   plaster for the next 12 week don’t like letting anyone down sorry.

5)  Text Missed the train looks like there isn’t another one until late this Afternoon.

6)  Text Been called into work as one of my colleagues has had a breakdown and i am the only one who can                          handle him.

7)  Text Hi I am outside.

8)  Text Got a bit lost  but didn’t bring your number with me.

9)  Text Was on my way to you and the wife rung to say  i can smell gas  so i had to go home to sort out the leak.

10) Text Forgot I had a hospital appointment.

11) Email sorry got to cancel wife has gone into labour and cant miss the birth.

12) I was driving down the motorway in my top of the range Mercedes when an arctic truck swerved ,somehow it caught my car and sliced the roof as it mounted the car. I saw it coming and I lay down so I didn’t get hurt surprisingly and got away without a scratch. My boss is arranging another vehicle for me so don’t know if I can make it today .

Though some may be genuine can’t help thinking are they really? If excuses were not so bizarre. My favourite one is number 12. which one is your favourite.

Have a lovely week enjoy the sun and keep the comments coming in it is always great to get feedback.






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Summer is here

Wow what a nice few days we have had. With the weather being so warm never know what to wear. May start a campaign for a clothes free zone  that is a good idea.

Well lets say i have been busy and so sorry for neglecting all my fans out there, but  naughty girls sometimes do like to have a bit of rest. So what have I been up to I hear you ask.

Well I have busy as a beaver here is what I have been up to:

Painted my house in the nude so paint everywhere in all my intimate parts.

Tiled my hallway in ceramic tiles.

Laid the floor in 2 bathrooms.

Unusually for me, moved things around.

Had my boobs measured and found out I am a size 38c bust.

And finally have got a new bed.

I shall be around all over the Isle of Wight festival weekend so why not cum on over and  play with me  whilst the festival is going on. Play with me on my new bed and admire my new floor. Have my mind set on a new fitted kitchen but so many choices out there who do I choose? Any ideas would be greatly received.

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Sun is shining

Hi all

Well i hope you are all enjoying the nice weather which is slowly creeping up on us. If you are trying to get a suntan please don’t get a better one than me. Hopefully warmer days  are here now.

Another bank holiday coming up and remember I shall be around all over the bank holiday so if you are at a loose end give me a call.

I would like to point out a certain confusing issue and hopefully everything will be clear. The last couple of days I have received calls regarding my quick oral and hand job service priced at £20 and £30 pounds.It seems that the few calls I have had about this service has confused some gents as they have been under the impression that the service is performed as a car meet and also some have confused it as meeting them by the ferry terminal and do my best in their car and then  I just go.

Though I am broad-minded I would like to point out this service is only at my place, also I don’t think red funnel or Wightlink would appreciate me jumping in the car and leave you all with a smile on your face. Though it would attract an audience I may never be allowed to travel by ferry again. Sorry guys.

I still offer transfers from the ferry terminal to my house and the travel time isn’t taken out of your time booked.


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Things that make me smile

Hope you are all having a lovely week , The weather cant make its mind up one day its nice and another day it is horrible, never sure on what to wear maybe a clothes free zone is a good idea.

Have been on a very interesting journey these last few week. I had an appointment with a gent who was staying on the 12th floor in a high rise building. we had good conversation and a laugh as i undressed he walked over to the window and shut the curtains. This did make me laugh unless there was a helicopter or a skyscraper looking in we couldn’t be spotted.

Hopefully the weather is now improving and if you fancy joining me in a clothes free zone please do get in touch and don’t worry about getting or feeling cold as we could warm each other up


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Easter is here again. What I don’t get is why does it have to be  different date each year. It would be so much easier if it was the same date.

Anyway I am around all over the Easter period so if you feel like unwinding and spending time with me why not spoil yourself and have a treat.Come and have an Easter egg or two and see where it leads to.

Happy Easter to you all and don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend.

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wow what a week

The easter egg cunt has proved rather popular. Still got plenty of easter eggs to go through. I shall be putting up a picture later on this week. I shall be around all over the easter week so if you are at a loose end give me a callClocks go forward this weekend so that will give me the extra hour to get extra naughty why not fill the gap and have some fun. Have a lovely week and see you soon

How many eggs are there?
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