Well its been quite a nice day today, hope we get more nicer days. I had a lovely trip into Portsmouth on Thursday and it was lovely and warm on that day as well. I was taking advantage of the hovercraft’s £5 day returns on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the month of March.

So much has happened in the last few weeks since I signed in, I am planning new ventures this year so watch this space. I shall be doing a special offer around Easter time. Hopefully I shall greet everyone in my bunny costume if I can get the costume in time.

Still no news on the moving so looks like I am still at my mini mansion which isn’t such a bad thing as I will have to find more things to move around and possible knock walls downs. Maybe I should have been a property developer or is that being too adventures.

Why not treat yourself from now until the end of march with a special offer book me for an hour and get the second hour half 2 hours will cost you £150 instead of £200.






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After much too much thought I have decided to move estate agents and have decided that I must really move house. How many times can a girl move the house around in as many combinations?

Have searched all corners of the earth for property to move to looked on zoopla, on the, right move. have looked at studio flats to 8 bed roomed detached houses, but for some reason nothing grabs me at the moment. Estate agents love sending out property details which are either not really what I have asked for or those that they can’t shift.

Any ideas on where I could move to would be gratefully received.

Hope the weather isn’t putting you off at all , at least it isn’t snowing.It is still cold though was hoping for a few nice days but like the saying goes all good things comes to those who wait.

Roll on summer hopefully we should get some nice weather this year

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Well I have now been back in the UK for just over 2 weeks and its still cold. I am still putting on the heating just to keep me warm. Still thinking about where to go on my next holiday but cant make my mind up. Fancied going to Russia but the cold spell certainly puts me off. Though Russia is a beautiful country, don’t think I shall be allowed in the land of the trumpet also known as the United States of America.Seeing as my ancestors were from the middle east. With the travel ban don’t think anyone will be allowed in.

Anyway whilst I was on holiday i did notice a note in the lift and the hotel lobby saying please do not feed the pussy’s. What is this I thought to myself, My pussy needs feeding regularly. Then I realised which form of pussy they meant.

For all those of you who have paid the taxman hope you have not left yourselves skint. You deserve some pampering why not come along and get some tax relief therapy. I am doing a special offer of book an hour and get second hour for half price to unwind and treat yourselves as you deserve it.

Well with valentines day looming in the background I shall be in my finest greeting you all at the door in something bright, hopefully we should have a nice summer this year.

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A very good evening to all my friends, I have had a wonderful week in Tenerife, The sun was shining and at one point the temperature went as high as 34 degrees, and not a cockroach in site.

I spent most mornings in the nudist sunbathing area in the hotel and the afternoons were for exploring as it did get a bit cooler. Also managed to watch a bit of TV to keep up with current affairs about the goings on of the world mainly the United Kingdom and United States Of America.

So America has finally sworn in the new president, so Mr Trump is now regarded as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, Nigel Farage and Michael Gove seemed to be in toe doing their bit. Lets hope Mr Gove decides on improving his image as a journalist by changing the style of his spectacles. Whilst Nigel Farage is still making silly remarks thinking the world will laugh with him.

Well at least I learnt one thing Americans will vote you in for even the simple of reasons, so I wouldn’t trust anything they say or think, as proved one of them thought the she thought he was ok because he had 2 daughters and a beautiful wife. Well there is still hope for me to become the next president of the united states but the question is would I be able to count on all your. votes if you all moved over there just to vote for me.

Well as I am back now I am raring to go and hoping that 2017 will be a busy year for me.Hopefully the cold spell wont last too long.



















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Well 2 days to go and I shall be topping up my tan if I don’t get eaten by cockroaches. Hopefully they have heard that I am on way and have scurried away and will allow me to enjoy my holiday.

All the packing is done and am looking forward to trying out the Spanish cuisine hopefully will know what i am eating and the weather will be warm. The hotel has a nudist sunbathing area so you can imagine where I will be heading to. If anyone wants to join me they are more than welcome to.

The weather in the UK doesn’t look too promising so will be thinking of you all.See you all on my return update on the 22nd January.

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6 days before I fly off to top up my tan in Tenerife. I shall be thinking of you all when I am sunbathing on the balcony in the hotel.Not to worry I shall be back in the country on the 21st January fully recharged and working again on the 22nd January.

Hope you aren’t having any January blues and it just isn’t the time for them. Why not unwind this month treat yourselves to something special and have a bit of me time after all Christmas is a bit of a stressful time. All that fuss but for what, it is gone in a matter of minutes.

Just to remind you all I am still in the country for another 6 DAYS




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Well 2017 is finally here, only 356 shopping days to Christmas, any ideas for Christmas presents?How silly of me is that to think of Christmas so early in the year.

Now that all the festivities are out of the way you can all rest and forget all about Christmas take all the decorations down and treat yourselves to some pampering and yes you do deserve it after all without you Santa wouldn’t have been able to get the presents delivered.

Many thanks to those of you who put their thoughts and comment on their new years resolutions down, I have chosen the winner and the winner has been notified via their email address.


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I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy new year and hope all your dreams come true. I am doing a special offer just for the new year weekend. So from 9 30 am on Friday 30th December 2016 until 10 pm Monday 2nd January 2017 I am doing a buy one get one free offer on all in calls, So book one hour and get  the second hour free both hours would have to be taken together.

I am launching my new taster sessions on the 1st January for those of you who have not visited me before and  would simply like to try out a session for the first time. Please do contact me for more details.

There is still time to get in your suggestions for new years resolutions if you want to win the prize try your luck, like they say you got to be in it to win it.




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Well I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and have a very happy new year. May all your wishes come true. I shall be sitting up on new years eve and will see in the new year and will decide on who gets the prize on the best idea on breaking their new year resolutions so watch this space plus there is still time to get your ideas in.

Did anyone get any odd presents did you double up on presents. My cat looked at me and all the presents and just walked away as if to say what a load of fuss nothing for me here just feed me and I shall be happy for the rest of the day.

As usual I cooked far too much so am afraid its cold meat for me today. Looking forward to the new year when I can take down the decorations and move the house around then off to Tenerife to top up my tan.

Had my central heating fixed just before Christmas and now have a new gadget to play with, the lovely gentleman from British gas fitted the hive system for me and showed me how it all works . I don’t even need to get out of bed let alone out of my chair to switch on the heating as long as the phone is in my hand I can control my heating and hot water from that, don’t even have to be at home to do that how cool is that.

I watched the queens speech and tried to be patriotic, didn’t like her outfit this year she as worn better outfits,this years outfit wasn’t the best. Maybe I could apply for the job of her personal dresser. Hope her cold clears up soon.

Well back to the T V again tonight hopefully eastenders might get interesting the story lines may not be recycled in 2017 but we can only wish. Better still will see what is on my favourite channel true Christmas.


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Any sign of Santa yet? Only a week to go and i am getting excited, I think i am more excited than ever.How old are you?I hear you ask well not old enough I reply chuckling away. I would say Santa is real. But if he doesn’t bring me a nice big juicy vibrator i will stop believing in him.

Well a lot has happened since I last checked in, been to my old spooky haunt known as Birmingham which I must say has had a total face lift ,though most of you may not agree with me it is not for the best it has changed so much it has lost its individuality. looks more like London am afraid Birmingham is really the last in my list now. please accept my apologies to all those who are happy with the way Birmingham looks, but in my opinion Birmingham is not what it used to be.

Have got into the spirit of Christmas had my nails done the lady did the art work freehand and it was well worth the price paid for them and they do look very Christmassy. I have also cooked a cake which took ages to cool down before i could ice it much to my cats pleasure as she watched the oven whilst the cake was being cooked.

keep your comments coming in about the new years resolutions i shall be choosing the best one on new years eve and emailing the lucky one with the surprise prize.

I shall be introducing taster session for first time visitors in 2017 and the taster sessions will be for those who have never visited me before and would like to try out my services. the taster sessions will be at a lower price and hopefully you will make a return visit.More details of the taster sessions to follow.

Have a lovely Christmas look forward to seeing you all next year






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