I am doing a visit to Birmingham on the weekend of 20th of October till the 23rd October, will be checking in later in the evening of the 20th October and checking out early on the 23rd October. so if anyone is interested in seeing me please get in touch well in advance.

I will be cramming in quite a bit of visit to friends and some family whilst i am in Birmingham and it will be zero tolerance so no time wasters please, I do have something planned on Saturday 21st October but can work around that, and only bookings in advance will be taken.

On another note, I am finding that a minority of gents seem to have got my quicky service a bit confused, as I do get asked for the ferry service and they have asked me to meet them at the ferry terminal to do the quicky. As much as this may be appealing to many, it is not a meet you at the ferry service, it is a service which is at my home address which is handy for those who are waiting to get on the ferry and they may have some spare time before their ferry leaves for the mainland or vice versa.Though it may be a service which would be a turn on and exciting I am sure red funnel or wight link would have something to say, and I don’t think it would be please Miss can we have some more, plus the county press, and isle of wight radio would have a field day reporting that, needless to say what Hampshire constabulary would comment about that. Though I would be famous for a while.

And finally all the old ladies would be up in arms and it would be news and talk of the town for a few months to come.

I would also like to mention that I do not send my address via text messages as this is not discrete enough. No call no booking, I have recently had a few ring and as soon as I answer the phone goes dead then I get text messages straight away asking for info and address details as the excuse I get is that the signal is bad.If the signal is truly that bad you wouldn’t be able to get connected to me and text messages won’t come through.

It has been a nice day today, just going through the house having a major clearout  just to get motivated as not had anyone wanting to buy the property yet, was looking promising a couple of weeks ago but that didn’t work out.

Have a lovely week whatever you are all doing and don’t work too hard and hopefully see you all soon


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What a miserable day weather wise we are having today, rain all day don’t seem to be motivated to do anything. Lamb is in the oven cooking nicely. I have uploaded some of my new pictures on my adult work private gallery so please do take a look.

My Sunday morning starting off really well today as I had a pamper and pain session on my 4 hour specials, and i was pampered whilst I dished out the pain and some pampering too. So I feel so relaxed and chilled now.

I hope you are all now relaxed and those of you who have children and grandchildren will probably be glad of the peace of quiet as all schools go back this week and you can recharge your batteries, Why not  come and do and boob and pussy hunt and my place as my boobs are slowly shrinking away and they may  dissapear if I do not have a good workout and we do not want that do we. Maybe we could incorporate that in one of my specials menu.

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New Shoes

A very good Sunday morning to all my fans. The weather is so glorious once again, looks like we are going to have a lovely few days again.

I am so excited to have received a gift of a lovely pair of of Kurt Geiger shoes, they fit like a glove, Thank so much to my lovely gentleman who bought them for me and he knew my size too. I have put a picture of them so you can all see what they look, must go shopping now to get an outfit to match.

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August bank holiday

Another bank holiday and a busy one for the island ,for those of you who are going to the scooter rally have a lovely time. I hope the weather holds out for you. I shall be around over the bank holiday.

On a Separate note I am getting quite a few gents asking if I supply drugs, Please do not ask me if i do as I do not dabble in drugs I never have and never will. I am afraid if you do persist I shall have no choice but to refuse a booking and if you still pester me i will have no choice but to report it to the right authorities.

posing in jacket and stockings


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Celebrate the partition of india and pakistan on the 14th August 2017, Pakistan is 70 years old So a big Happy Birthday PAKISTAN,So many documentaries and stories are going around abount the partition and how it went, but how much of it is true? So please take a deep breath and ask yourselves who is actually telling the truth.Only though who saw everthing first hand and were present can only tell . So much has gone on and both countries are divided and there are reasons as to why there is resentments between both countries which only very few people are able to understand

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Lovely day today

Well it has been a lovely weather today thought you would all like a peak at a bit of wildlife why not purchase one of these key rings with the foxy lady on one side and my number on the other side and voila no one can get suspicious as to why you are carrying some strange woman’s number around. As far as they are concerned it is the number of where you got the key ring printed from. You also have my number to hand. Clever thinking or what.

Trying to think where to go on my next holiday, but can’t make my mind up any suggestions?

ONLY 147 days till christmas  hope you have all started your shopping as I am starting mine from tommorrow and I should be done by the end of august.

Have a lovely week



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Another resignation from trump household

I see trouble is looming at the the white. Another team member of Donald Trump’s team has resigned. They are all going like they say up and down like a whores drawers. Soon he will run out of people to appoint. I should put my name down, after all Mr trump didn’t have any political background and he isn’t born american.

Weather looks good today. so hopefully we should have a dry weekend. My 4 hour special runs out on 31st July so if you want to take advantage of the offer please do get in touch.

For everyone who is going away on their holidays this summer have an enjoyable time, the ferries are are ridiculously expensive but i suppose it is something we have chosen to live with living on the island. I personally wouldn’t live anywhere else as I have made the isle of wight my home for the last 13 years.

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What is going on , the weather can’t make its mind up whether to rain or shine, you wouldn’t think it would be like this at this time of year. Bought a new oven last week had it delivered and it is all nice and shiny rather not use it as it looks really lovely.

Cowes week is once again upon us so if you would like to be pampered and want to get away please do get in touch i shall be around you never know what goodies I might have in store.

I am looking to have artificial lawn in my front garden so if there is anyone out there who knows of anyone who fits that sort of thing please do let me know all suggestions are appreciated, as cutting the grass in the nude in the front wouldn’t be advisable, though i would enjoy it but as well as a couple of the gents probably would but their wives or partners probably wouldn’t.

Have  a lovely week whatever you are doing and don’t work too hard



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Well it has been a very busy week for me, had a lovely day on the mainland yesterday, did a lovely photo shoot I was so relaxed and felt so much at ease. The photographer was very professional and had some really good ideas.

Have been following Wimbledon with interest once again we didn’t get through will the UK  don’t think we are a sporty lot even though we try. Maybe one day we will be good at sports.

Looks like summer is defiantly gone for the time being. So will have to live the rain now. Just to put a smile on all your faces here is a picture for you all. WISH YOU WERE HERE.



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