Another bank holiday on its way .An excuse for pictures

Looks like we are having another bank holiday coming up. Too many bank holidays are around .

I have been asked so many times if my pictures are recent, though they are I could do with a fresh approach of pictures. If there are any budding photographers out there who would like to take some pics of me please do contact me also I am thinking of including pictures with my male friend, so if you guys are comfortable with that I would love to hear from you.

My slimming world journey is going well and I shall soon be a size 10, fingers and toes crossed. I go in each week get weighed and then just leave

Not long before the general elections have noticed politicians on the tv going around campaigning in different areas across the country.Unfortunately we don’t see any politicians coming to the Isle of Wight. We seemed to be forgotten yet they want our votes at the end of the day.

Also Isle of wight festival will start on the 8th June hopefully everyone who is coming to the festival will have taken time out to vote before coming down.

Donald Trump is in the news noticed he is on his tour of the middle east am surprised they even allowed him into a Muslim country after he was the one who said he would like to ban Muslims going to the USA. Mrs trump didn’t even have a headscarf  she could have just worn in national dress for a short while, and people say eastern people don’t respect the country that they live in and do what they like. Well Mr and Mrs Trump is it one rule for one and one for another. Maybe he should practice what he preaches.

I have a special offer on until the end of may all incalls are £80 per hour but only until 31st may 2017. If you are at a loose end please do call me and we can pamper each other.

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A  very big congrats to Portugal for winning the Euro vision song contest , though we did do quite well, coming in half way , but I think that is only because we are leaving Europe. I knew we had no chance in winning, so didn’t really stay up till the end.

At least the weather has been nice for the walkers for walk the wight today,well done to everyone who took part I was going to do it again this year but totally forgot to registered I did it a few years ago and it was so therapeutic

So now its out with the old and in with the new . France swore in their youngest president since Napoleon. I believe he will do a good job. I guess he will have a good fan club behind him as well as he is not too bad looking if can comment on his looks. Must send him my congratulations. Mind you I do love the french accent followed by the Irish accent.

Well on the subject of losing I still haven’t lost my brummie accent I was hoping I would have lost it by now but I suppose it will never go away.

I am now on a health kick and have decided I need to lose a bit of weight and try and look my best, so I joined slimming world 4 weeks ago. I shall be keeping you all updated on my progress on how I am doing at the moment I am losing slowly which is a good thing. I shall have a perfect figure.

I have a special offer on again buy one get one free so book an hour free. this is on until 31st may.

I shall be around all over the bank holiday so if you are at a loose end please do give me a call and pop round.



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Euro vision Song Contest

Its here again. The Euro Vision Song Contest where everyone seems to put their talent to the test. I must admit I do sit up and watch the show and see who wins and we never ever win. We might surprise everyone this year by winning as we may not be able to enter once we leave the euro. Another competition that we can’t join in.Thank you to all those kill joys who voted for brexit.

Though I used to enjoy watching the Euro vision when Sir Terry Wogan used to commentate as he  was so much fun. Graham Norton does his best but he doesn’t have the charm and the charisma and the cheeky chappy voice.

I haven’t personally heard the British entry so far hopefully when i get to hear it it may get some points and it may win. so here is wishing Great Britain good luck.


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3 cheers for the new french president

So the french have voted in the country’s youngest president. Emmanuel Macron takes over on Sunday, I am happy he won and Marine Le Pen didn’t get in as didn’t feel she had the the qualities to run the country.  Whilst the french discuss brexit with the U K what will he think of protecting the rights of the British who reside in France as he is not in favour of Britain leaving the E U. Though he will want the best for the french who reside in the united kingdom

Well it doesn’t look like we will have any summer this year as it doesn’t seem to stay warm for too long some days it will be warm and then we get a bit of a chill I am still touching up the heat some evenings as I tend to feel the cold more.

Hope you all have have a lovely week and enjoy some lovely weather see you soon



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Bank holiday elections etc etc etc

Another bank holiday out of the way and 3 weeks to go and guess what we have another bank holiday. Do the Brits ever stop having bank holidays. Oh well I prefer to keep myself busy on bank holidays they are just like any other day to me.

Well its polling day today, when the politician are counting on your support but not one has come to my door to tell me what they will do for me.I  have now been on the Island for 13 years and in all this time I have one visit from the leader of the lib dems back in 2005 come to the door and never had anyone since. They all want your support but if they can’t be bothered to make an effort to come and see you I cant see them fulfilling their  promises to you.

Summer seems to have disappeared as it has gone all cold all of a sudden had my heating back on again.  Hopefully this is only a blip and summer will return in the meantime keep warm.

Have a lovely week and see you all soon

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so is summer coming or not?

Don’t think we will have much of a summer this year it still feels eerily cold and I have been putting on the heating. Yet not so many miles away in France it was so warm.

With another general election looming around the corner the politicians are busy campaigning and starting to learn to tell lies again. Makes me laugh with half the promises they come out with. Take labour for example, Jeremy Corbyn wants to give everyone extra days off  on bank holidays so on each patron saints day we shall have a bank holiday.As nice as that sounds do we really want extra days off. The lib dems leader have their own views on brexit, and the leader of UKIP wont even make his mind up where he wants to stand. Next Nigel Farage will return .

Whilst the politicians make up their minds in what they can offer i shall be doing an offer towards the elections so watch this space.

On a lighter note I have a few gents who contact me and when they book they ask for the address via text , unfortunately I don’t text my address over, for a number of reason, Primarily being the following reasons.

A) I don’t know if you are an adult or under the age of consent when  you are texting

B) Texts are not discreet if you wife/girlfriend/partner picks up your phone and goes through your text messages you are then found out and it could be orquad for you as well as for me.

C) discretion is top priority for me and i would like to keep it that way.

Remember bank holiday this weekend AGAIN and I shall be here. If you need to escape you know where i am



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I have finally decided to return home, had a wonderful weekend in Angouleume in France. The weather was really warm and beautiful, couldn’t have picked a better weekend. The hotel was out of this world and being where I was it was all traditional french. I even travelled to the hotel in style, as the hotel supplied a taxi which naturally I had to pay for and to my surprise it wasn’t a Citroen, Peugeot or even a Renault which being in France you would expect them to send one of their own make of cars. Instead I travelled 120 km to the hotel from the Limoges airport in a Mercedes Benz Avantgrade. Talk about comfort or what. Though the driver didn’t speak much English he made quite a bit of an effort.

So I am glad I chose Hotel Mercure as my weekend retreat and the staff were really great as well. Will be returning to France again soon to recharge my batteries but for now I am back looking forward to getting on and doing some work.

Hopefully France will have made up their mind who will be their next president , my money is on the nice gentleman Emmanuel Macron as I don’t like the look of that woman Marine Le Pen. She is blonde to start with though can’t really hold that against her.

My special offer is still ongoing until Sunday 30th April. So if at a loose end give me a ring.

Have a nice week and roll on summer.

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Another general election

Well what can i say the lady has spoken Theresa may has decided that she want a snap election, Mind you I think she is clever . Though she is taking a big gamble fair play to her I do admire her, she has more balls than anyone else.

Well on a lighter note I shall be flying off to Angoleume in a few hours time  and I shall be returning on Sunday. So France here I come, Hope I have polished up my french enough to be able to order a meal, i have decided to try out the french cuisine.

Have a lovely weekend and i will catch up with everyone on my return.

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Well doesn’t time fly, especially when you are having fun. The duke and duchess of Cambridge have their 6th wedding anniversary on the 29th April, which is the same date that I moved to the island but I have been on the island 13 years ago this year on the 29th April . I have met so many nice gents in my time on the island and hopefully I shall meet many more as I plan to stick around for a lot more years to come.

I am away next weekend from 21st April until 23rd April and will be back raring to go on the 24th April, after all a girl needs a break sometime .

My special offer of buy one get one free in still on. So if  you are in need of a pampering and would like to kill a couple of hours you know where i am.

Have a lovely Easter as all the shops are shut on Easter Sunday hope you find little jobs to do, good excuse for a lie in. Don’t eat too many Easter eggs save some for the buuny.
















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Just realised its Easter this weekend, why does the date change each year, then again I have never been religious. I guess Easter is there just to confuse me which isn’t hard to do.

I shall be active over the Easter weekend minus eating the Easter eggs as have decided to be a good girl and try and get a better figure, so once I have lost a dress size or two I shall be updating my pictures, so watch this space.

I have a special offer on at the moment until the end of April  so buy one and get one free maybe you are at a loose end over the Easter break and fancy some pampering?

I am visiting Angouleme in France for a well earned weekend this month so if any of you are in the area pop in and say hello or simply give me a wave. It will be lovely to see any of my fans over there. Hopefully I should have some nice pictures to put up on my return.

Finally have a lovely Easter and see you all soon.


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