Can anyone read

Good morning everyone. Doesn’t look very bright today don’t really expect sunshine but a dry day wont go amiss. I have decided that even though I had put on my adult work profile text messages will be ignored to take that down as so many still text. Surely everyone must realise texting is not discrete all you need is the other half to be doing something around the house, hears a beep or even nothing sees your phone lying around picks it up, being curious as a cat thinks ah lets see what has my beloved been up to and up pops a message or two from your favourite lady of pleasure. How much damage could that do to your home life family and everything else, let alone what it would do to the poor lady who you have sent messages to especially if she has sent you her address. I personally do not send any address details via text messages, I can give out information but it is always quicker to speak and if you are questioned as to whose number it is you can always invent something.

I do however find it annoying when I get a phone call then the person hangs up when I answer and immediately sends a text message to say their phone speaker is playing up yet they can’t prove that it is playing up. Maybe next time I shall ring the number and see if the phone speaker defiantly is playing up.

Please do not ask for pictures to be sent to you as i have a big collection on adultwork and youkandy also I have sets on chaturbate which can can all view.

Right off to Birmingham tomorrow. see you all when i get back

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Birmingham here I come

Only 2 days to go before I make my presence felt in Birmingham. Will be quite an adventure if anyone is at a loose end please do get in touch as it will be lovely to see you all. I am hoping to see some old faces and have a catch and see how many of you I can still remember, though I can be forgiven as it has been 13 years since I have exiled myself from Birmingham.

If you want a booking in Birmingham please contact me soon as availability is low as I wouldn’t want anyone to be dissapointed.

I am now offering webcams and phone chat on adult work and chaturbate.

Have a lovely week and hopefully see you all soon.



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What do the 3 pictures above have in common and which one is the odd one out. The answer will be at the end of this post.

Well It is only 71 days to go before Christmas hope everyone is looking forward to the big hype, so much spent all for one day and then its all gone in a flash.But still I love Christmas I guess for reasons personal to me. Must visit Busy Bees which I was planning on tomorrow but my dishwasher has decided it doesn’t want to play and needs fixing, so a nice gentleman from Hotpoint is coming to fix it for me.

This year I am going to decorate my house with some lovely Christmas decorations and the car will also get a treat. The cat will be wearing a silly hat too, she doesn’t know it yet but she will love it when she gets used to it.

Hopefully the weather will stay mild this week and i should have a nice pleasant drive to Birmingham. I am taking bookings until Thursday evening and shall be away from Friday 20th till Monday 23rd, Back to normal from  Tuesday 24th October.

The answer to my riddle the odd one out is the nativity picture as that is religious the other 2 are the same as they are pussy. the 3 pictures have the same in common as they are searching for Christmas as I am bending over, looking into the light , the cat is lit up and the nativity figures are looking for the baby Jesus.

Have a lovely week and see you all soon


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Hi everyone, not long before I visit Birmingham for the weekend , hope it is sunny, though it the weather can be hit and miss in Birmingham , but we can’t really expect much so late in the year.

If any of you do miss me this time around this month I am doing a flying visit for one day only on November 9th. So give me a shout if you are at a loose end. I am hoping to get some more Christmas shopping done too and have a visit to where I grew up and see how much it has changed.

Have a lovely week. Look forward to seeing you soon

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Christmas is coming

Hope you have all ordered my Christmas present Citroen’s have a 12 week wait for the ds5 I shall be forever grateful to you all to wake up on Christmas morning to find a row of them outside my house. I can then pick and choose which one to drive, just remember to order an automatic.

Well on a happier note I shall be another year older on Thursday and if you can spot a deliberate mistake in this blog post and you make a booking you, I shall give a discount of £10 off the booking.

Have  a lovely week and I will be hoping it wont be cold on my 69th birthday. At least I haven’t started showing my age.

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To celebrate my forthcoming birthday I am doing a special offer from 1st October till 31st October book an hour and get half hour free. Please mention the word PUSSY  when you book and you will get the offer.

Still very much looking forward to my holiday in Tenerife. Hopefully the break will do me some good and will come back with a well topped up tan. Won’t be packing many clothes as don’t intend leaving the nudist area this time around.

Been a lovely sunny day today, so have been out enjoying the sun before it all disappears. Mind you we can’t grumble even a bit of is better than no sun

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Cant believe it its my birthday next week. I haven’t even got a new outfit for my birthday,Only just realised today I shall be older, so it is panic stations must be losing it. Even Birthday cards have stopped arriving early like they used to.Suppose I am not loved anymore. So I will have to be quick on my feet to think of a special offer for my birthday, So watch this space for the offer to pop up.

I am visiting Birmingham in October but spaces for booking very limited so book early to avoid disappointment. I shall also be in Tenerife in January and if any of my fans are on holiday and fancy meeting up please do get in touch it will be nice to see you.

Only 89 days till Christmas hope you have all started to do your Christmas shopping.. I have wrote out all my christmas cards and already done my shopping. Hows that for being organised yet I have forgot my birthday is next week,how the mind boggles.

Have a lovely week and see you soon

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Well I have done it again booked a week in January to go away to Tenerife. Who knows I may decide spain is for me and I may make it my forever home though my heart does lie in France. I shall start my holiday in the Uk at a naturist centre a day before I fly away into the sunset and finish my holiday at the same resort on the way back. So if there are any of you who wish to join me before i go on my merry way please do contact me.

My special offers are still ongoing so why not take me up on the them especially on miserable days like today.I am still looking for photographers who have that special gift to make me look beautiful, and have fun with me in the process. I promise I don’t bite.

Only 93 days to go before Christmas I have done all my Christmas cards just need to get the presents ready, If anyone is wondering what I would like this year a fleet of CITROEN DS5’s outside my door would be really lovely to wake up to on Christmas morning. I would love you all to bits. But they must all be automatic transmission sorry guys I can only drive automatic cars. You can’t blame a girl for trying can you.

Have a lovely week whatever you are doing and stay safe. See you all soon





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I have been thinking about my summer holidays for next year and have decided that I have lived a very sheltered life. I have visited only one of the channel Islands which only being Guernsey. It was a lovely place and has left fond memories for me and the other Island is my home.

Therefore I have decided I may make July and August Interesting this year, I may visit if time allows the Isle of Man, Jersey, Sark, Herm, Guernsey, and if I feel really adventurous the Falkland Islands.

So if any of my fans are in any of these islands and would like to visit me whilst i am over there please do let me know and i can let you know the dates.

I shall be making my invasion of Tenerife in Spain once again in January, I loved it so much that I need to explore again.

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What is wrong with me I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet. I am usually done and dusted and father Christmas has received my gifts to deliver to everyone.

It is getting colder now so need to be kept warm otherwise will freeze up. Will start on my Christmas shopping tomorrow and am starting on my nativity display and will be posting a picture of it.

Please note I do note reply to text messages especially as text messages are not discreet, I DO NOT TEXT OVER MY ADDRESS DETAILS. If you ring and just hang up and then I will still ignore your text. I don’t accept the excuse that you have a bad signal because with a bad signal texts don’t always come through.

On a happy note to cheer everyone up on a cold Saturday evening here are are my quickie service pics. I guess I can leave it to your imagination as to which pic is to which service.


Have a lovely weekend. Hope to see you all soon.

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