Hi everyone, I have arrived back on the Island today and it feels great to be back home again. I have missed you all. I would like to say a massive thank you to all you gents who visited me whilst I was on my holiday. It was good fun. The food was OK, could have been better.  Walking around with no clothes on was so much fun and even having my dinner in the nude was an interesting experience. I was spoilt for choice as to which Jacuzzi to go in and the steam room was very very steamy especially when I went in there. the sauna was that hot that i only managed 15 minutes a time  twice a day. The salt was handy to rub into my nooks and cranny’s and then to go into the steam room to sweat out so that i could have lovely skin.

Though I did travel down in comfort as my car is still not fixed , hopefully will be on the mend soon.  Will have to start cracking the whip with the insurance company as not a very happy bunny at the moment. Not the best insurance company to go with must remember not to renew with them again.

I shall be around all weekend and the rest of the week so if you are at a loose end and need warming up give me a call you know where I am.



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Kent visit not long to go

Well too long to go before I go off to Kent on the 11th January and I am really looking forward to my week away. I definantly need a break away, So if any of you are at a loose end and would like to pop along and say hello you are more than welcome to cum on over.

I am available all over this weekend and up until the 10th January and then I am  back on again on the 19th January.

See you all soon

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone old and new, hope you all have a good one, I shall be seeing the new year in tonight as usual in front of the the t v seeing all the fireworks go off in all parts of the world.

So what do  I have in store for you all in 2018 well here goes. I turn 50 next year in October so aiming to do at least 50 different tasks before I turn 50.

Loyalty Scheme

As so many of you have been loyal to me I would like set up a loyalty scheme to say thank you to everyone and this is how it works.

Visit me 5 times and your 6th visit is half price

visit me 10 times and your 11th visit is free

then it restarts again.

Every 3  months I hope to visit one of the islands on a weekend tour and will offer in calls and out calls. Will notify in advance which Island I shall be visiting and would need bookings in advance with a small deposit.  Islands on the list will be Channel Island,isle of dogs and Isle of man.

Will be doing special offers from time to time and If there is anything you would like to try when you visit me please do ask all I can say is no.


Have a happy new year.


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11 days to go

Only 11 days to go when i shall be lounging around on my holiday in Kent so if anyone  on a loose end between 11th January and the 18th January 2018 cum along and say hi. Bring along a camera and take away a memory or two, perhaps leave me a memory too?

Have  a happy new year,see you all next year.

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Hi and Happy Christmas . I have been waiting up to see Santa hoping he will bring me some nice presents, hopefully he will put a big smile on my face tonight. My poor little yellow car has had a bump today with a front collision and i had to wait around for recovery to turn up. so am not a very happy little miss Santa at the moment, so hopefully will get car sorted soon.

Well I have left a couple of biscuits and a cuppa out for Santa and hopefully he will enjoy his tea and i do make a mean cup of tea, though i am not too bad at making a latte and a mocha either.

Have a lovely Christmas day and see you soon



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Happy Christmas

Its finally here Christmas eve today and Christmas day tomorrow. Just got a couple of bits to do and I can rest assured that I am fully ready for Christmas. Are you on the good or naughty list this year, hopefully Santa will visit me. Why not come and see me as a pre Christmas treat, and you never know what surprise I have in store for you. To make it interesting just for tomorrow, I am putting a twist to each booking as no 2 bookings will the same. So if you are at a loose end why not give me a call and pop down, maybe you need a break from your Christmas shopping you could always call in.


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Kent Escort

Only 17 days before I cum over to kent and it will be nice to see as many of you fans out there. My usual rates will apply.

Why not put the dates in the diary, I will be checking in on the 11th January 2018 and checking out on the 18th January 2018.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a very happy christmas and a very happy new year

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18 days and counting

Not long now before I am on a long awaited break to Kent and I am really looking forward to a good break. Why not come along and say hi and have some fun with me.I shall be in Kent from the 11th January till 18th January 2018. Hope to see you all there.

Have a lovely Christmas and a lovely new year. See you all in the New Year.

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A womans job is never done

There are never too many hours in the day for me, I need 49 hours to get everything done.. A woman’s work is never complete so I have decided when I decide to pop my  clogs I am going to return to this world in 3 forms and they  will be as follows

(1) a man

(2) a woman

(3) a cat

Now here are my reasons.

I want to come back as a man because I would like to be waited on by a woman to feed me some lovely food and pamper my every needs.

I want to come back as a woman I don’t think I have finished playing with all the cocks in the world

I want to come back as a cat as I would like to know how it feels to be lazy and be stroked all day and be called things like you are a beautiful pussy and come here you lovely little puss.

So you see all three have their advantages and rolled into one would be great fun. What would you like to come back as? Let me know your thoughts please.

Come and see me just between now and Christmas and see what surprises I have in store for you.


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only 16 sleeps to go before its Christmas Any ideas to make it more interesting Hopefully I should be able to stay awake this year, I would like to hear all your views the funniest Christmas present you have received, or what you would like to have for Christmas.

I hope you have all been good all year round as father Christmas will only come to all good people this year. Hopefully he will bring you all more than what you have asked for, cum along to my grotto and see what I have for you if you sit on my lap and whisper sweet nothings in my ears.

Have a lovely week. See you all soon


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