August bank holiday

Another bank holiday and a busy one for the island ,for those of you who are going to the scooter rally have a lovely time. I hope the weather holds out for you. I shall be around over the bank holiday.

On a Separate note I am getting quite a few gents asking if I supply drugs, Please do not ask me if i do as I do not dabble in drugs I never have and never will. I am afraid if you do persist I shall have no choice but to refuse a booking and if you still pester me i will have no choice but to report it to the right authorities.

posing in jacket and stockings


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Celebrate the partition of india and pakistan on the 14th August 2017, Pakistan is 70 years old So a big Happy Birthday PAKISTAN,So many documentaries and stories are going around abount the partition and how it went, but how much of it is true? So please take a deep breath and ask yourselves who is actually telling the truth.Only though who saw everthing first hand and were present can only tell . So much has gone on and both countries are divided and there are reasons as to why there is resentments between both countries which only very few people are able to understand

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Lovely day today

Well it has been a lovely weather today thought you would all like a peak at a bit of wildlife why not purchase one of these key rings with the foxy lady on one side and my number on the other side and voila no one can get suspicious as to why you are carrying some strange woman’s number around. As far as they are concerned it is the number of where you got the key ring printed from. You also have my number to hand. Clever thinking or what.

Trying to think where to go on my next holiday, but can’t make my mind up any suggestions?

ONLY 147 days till christmas  hope you have all started your shopping as I am starting mine from tommorrow and I should be done by the end of august.

Have a lovely week



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Another resignation from trump household

I see trouble is looming at the the white. Another team member of Donald Trump’s team has resigned. They are all going like they say up and down like a whores drawers. Soon he will run out of people to appoint. I should put my name down, after all Mr trump didn’t have any political background and he isn’t born american.

Weather looks good today. so hopefully we should have a dry weekend. My 4 hour special runs out on 31st July so if you want to take advantage of the offer please do get in touch.

For everyone who is going away on their holidays this summer have an enjoyable time, the ferries are are ridiculously expensive but i suppose it is something we have chosen to live with living on the island. I personally wouldn’t live anywhere else as I have made the isle of wight my home for the last 13 years.

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What is going on , the weather can’t make its mind up whether to rain or shine, you wouldn’t think it would be like this at this time of year. Bought a new oven last week had it delivered and it is all nice and shiny rather not use it as it looks really lovely.

Cowes week is once again upon us so if you would like to be pampered and want to get away please do get in touch i shall be around you never know what goodies I might have in store.

I am looking to have artificial lawn in my front garden so if there is anyone out there who knows of anyone who fits that sort of thing please do let me know all suggestions are appreciated, as cutting the grass in the nude in the front wouldn’t be advisable, though i would enjoy it but as well as a couple of the gents probably would but their wives or partners probably wouldn’t.

Have  a lovely week whatever you are doing and don’t work too hard



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Well it has been a very busy week for me, had a lovely day on the mainland yesterday, did a lovely photo shoot I was so relaxed and felt so much at ease. The photographer was very professional and had some really good ideas.

Have been following Wimbledon with interest once again we didn’t get through will the UK  don’t think we are a sporty lot even though we try. Maybe one day we will be good at sports.

Looks like summer is defiantly gone for the time being. So will have to live the rain now. Just to put a smile on all your faces here is a picture for you all. WISH YOU WERE HERE.



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A big Thank you to those who turned up at my party today we had a lovely time,must do it again. had a smile on my face all day. I have had to postpone tomorrows party as not enough numbers for tomorrow. so sorry guys.

Keep watching this space for more upcoming dates for upcoming dates

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Where has the sun gone, started raining today but all is not lost as it still hot. I still have spaces for my parties so if you guys are interested in attending please do get in touch.

Hopefully talks are going well for brexit though there seems to be some dispute about the exit fee, wonder how much it will be. I think it would have been cheaper to have stayed in the EU.

For those of you who are going away on holiday in the next few weeks have a lovely time, I shall be around for those of you who are at a loose end. With cowes week coming up I shall be sorting out an offer.

Better Finish watching wimbledon and have an early night and get ready for tommorrow.

Have a lovely week

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Hi and good morning to you all. I have decided this month that I would like to hold a couple of greedy girl parties. The party will have snacks and nibbles as well as you can all have a share of me. Please leave a comment or contact me if you would be interested in coming. I am hoping to host 3 parties in the month of July, the dates are in place as 13th July 14th July and 22nd July. Please do let me know which dates would suit if you wish to attend.

I have had my CD of pictures from the photographer and will be putting them on here in the next couple of days. Any budding photographers out there who would like to take pics of me please do get in touch.

Have a lovely weekend and see you soon

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