Exactly a month to go before Christmas. Hooray. We shall all be waiting for our Christmas dinner as hopefully our presents will have been opened and father Christmas may have even doubled up on a few. I hope you all get what you all hope for.

Well now that the the polls have been counted in the united states and a new president has been elected which was a surprise I honestly thought Hilary would have got the top job and then the world could have been mostly ruled by women. Just imagine decisions made by women how simple is that. We do take longer to make up our minds but we get there in the end.

I have a new partner in crime to keep me company whilst i am on my own especially on the cold winter dark nights. She is my beautiful young pussycat only 6 years young answers by the name of Elsie. She is in training to be a witches cat. so if you hear any little meows when visiting it will be Elsie as she stays in her room while i have visitors.

I have decided in light of the U S elections Black Friday and Christmas only a month away  I am going to do a special BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SPECIAL OFFER. From today 25th November 2016 until Monday 28th November 2016 10 pm i am doing buy one hour and get 2nd hour for half price this is for in calls only.

I shall be putting on my new Christmas outfit on from next week and hoping to put up the Christmas decorations up. Santa is also getting ready to come out of the loft.

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