Bank holiday elections etc etc etc

Another bank holiday out of the way and 3 weeks to go and guess what we have another bank holiday. Do the Brits ever stop having bank holidays. Oh well I prefer to keep myself busy on bank holidays they are just like any other day to me.

Well its polling day today, when the politician are counting on your support but not one has come to my door to tell me what they will do for me.I ¬†have now been on the Island for 13 years and in all this time I have one visit from the leader of the lib dems back in 2005 come to the door and never had anyone since. They all want your support but if they can’t be bothered to make an effort to come and see you I cant see them fulfilling their ¬†promises to you.

Summer seems to have disappeared as it has gone all cold all of a sudden had my heating back on again.  Hopefully this is only a blip and summer will return in the meantime keep warm.

Have a lovely week and see you all soon

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