A very good evening to all my friends, I have had a wonderful week in Tenerife, The sun was shining and at one point the temperature went as high as 34 degrees, and not a cockroach in site.

I spent most mornings in the nudist sunbathing area in the hotel and the afternoons were for exploring as it did get a bit cooler. Also managed to watch a bit of TV to keep up with current affairs about the goings on of the world mainly the United Kingdom and United States Of America.

So America has finally sworn in the new president, so Mr Trump is now regarded as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, Nigel Farage and Michael Gove seemed to be in toe doing their bit. Lets hope Mr Gove decides on improving his image as a journalist by changing the style of his spectacles. Whilst Nigel Farage is still making silly remarks thinking the world will laugh with him.

Well at least I learnt one thing Americans will vote you in for even the simple of reasons, so I wouldn’t trust anything they say or think, as proved one of them thought the she thought he was ok because he had 2 daughters and a beautiful wife. Well there is still hope for me to become the next president of the united states but the question is would I be able to count on all your. votes if you all moved over there just to vote for me.

Well as I am back now I am raring to go and hoping that 2017 will be a busy year for me.Hopefully the cold spell wont last too long.



















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