Any sign of Santa yet? Only a week to go and i am getting excited, I think i am more excited than ever.How old are you?I hear you ask well not old enough I reply chuckling away. I would say Santa is real. But if he doesn’t bring me a nice big juicy vibrator i will stop believing in him.

Well a lot has happened since I last checked in, been to my old spooky haunt known as Birmingham which I must say has had a total face lift ,though most of you may not agree with me it is not for the best it has changed so much it has lost its individuality. looks more like London am afraid Birmingham is really the last in my list now. please accept my apologies to all those who are happy with the way Birmingham looks, but in my opinion Birmingham is not what it used to be.

Have got into the spirit of Christmas had my nails done the lady did the art work freehand and it was well worth the price paid for them and they do look very Christmassy. I have also cooked a cake which took ages to cool down before i could ice it much to my cats pleasure as she watched the oven whilst the cake was being cooked.

keep your comments coming in about the new years resolutions i shall be choosing the best one on new years eve and emailing the lucky one with the surprise prize.

I shall be introducing taster session for first time visitors in 2017 and the taster sessions will be for those who have never visited me before and would like to try out my services. the taster sessions will be at a lower price and hopefully you will make a return visit.More details of the taster sessions to follow.

Have a lovely Christmas look forward to seeing you all next year






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