Well doesn’t time fly, especially when you are having fun. The duke and duchess of Cambridge have their 6th wedding anniversary on the 29th April, which is the same date that I moved to the island but I have been on the island 13 years ago this year on the 29th April . I have met so many nice gents in my time on the island and hopefully I shall meet many more as I plan to stick around for a lot more years to come.

I am away next weekend from 21st April until 23rd April and will be back raring to go on the 24th April, after all a girl needs a break sometime .

My special offer of buy one get one free in still on. So if  you are in need of a pampering and would like to kill a couple of hours you know where i am.

Have a lovely Easter as all the shops are shut on Easter Sunday hope you find little jobs to do, good excuse for a lie in. Don’t eat too many Easter eggs save some for the buuny.
















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